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Help me decide tire/wheel package

After i get my 3" BL installed i plan on buying a set of 33x12.5 offroad tires. Ive narrowed it down to several choices, and was hoping you guys can help me with the final choice. I want the best performance/traction for offroading, but i also do LOTS of driving on the road. So i want a tire that is rugged, but wont hurt the comfort or handling of the ride. I also want it to last long and not wear down too fast due to extensive road travelling (my friend has a set of mickey tompsons: they are badass for offraoding but the tread is almost completly gone from only like 6 months of street driving). I also need to take cost into consideration since im running low on funds.

So whatever tire/wheel combo i choose has to have the best compromise between offroad performance, quality on-road, and price.

Please give me whatever info you have that will help narrow down my choices.

Here they are:

1) Super Swamper Thornbirds
33/12.50x15 Thornbirds & 15x10 American Eagle 589
price= $1190 (may be out of price range)

2) Pro-Comp X-Terrains
33X12.50R15 X-Terrain on 15x10 Black Rock Crawlers
price= $967

3) BFG Mud Terrains
33/12.50R15 KM on 15x10 5 Black Rock Crawlers
price= $873

It says you can choose from various rim sizes instead of going with what the package says. Would you guys recommend 15x8 instead of the suggested 15x10? And there is always the option of keeping my stock 16'' rims. might need advice on that as well.

Any suggestions or opinions are welcome.


Also, wont the tire wear quicker if it is siped like that?

according to discount tire, no. they say in fat that it will last longer (for me it wil because i wondt spin them as much in the winter and on wet pavement)...actually i can only spin them if i pop the clutch above 2500k..and even then its just a chirp and go.

This is what I thought siping meant. Essentially cut the lugs.


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i se what you mean, that would be too cumbersome. they have a machine that has a spiral blade and they just pass it along the tire...only takes a few min. they dont actually remove any rubber, they just put the fine slits in it. when it is first doen, you have to look real close at it to front ones are still barely noticable, thats why i got pics of the rear ones.