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Help me decide


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January 16, 2008
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Bismarck, ND
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1987 Bronco II
Hey all!

I have a 1987 Bronco II with a 2.9, 5 speed and pretty new clutch. The rear is a disc-brake 8.8 with 4.10's. The front is currently a 3.45 d28, but am in the process of putting 4.10's in a d35 so I can have 4wd again. 4" RC lift and 32" tires. I know that I won't be satisfied until I have a 4 liter, but I also want the 4.10 gears.

Here're my questions: To make my vehicle what I want it to be with my Bronco, I need to have the front axle replaced with the regeared 4.10 and swap engines. If I find a 1991-1994 Explorer/Ranger, I need to swap rear axle and reinstall the front lift and front axle.
Suggestions? Which would be more work? I can turn a wrench, but I have to rely on others for welding, and I would prefer to do as much work as I can by myself.

I think what will push me one way or another is whether or not the rear leaf perches are the same width on a Bronco II as on an Explorer or Ranger, to make the disc 4.10 rear I am currently running a bolt in swap to an Explorer or Ranger.

Let me know what you think! All opinions are appreciated.

- Joe