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Help me design an Amp Rack - Sport Trac


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May 17, 2011
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Wittenberg University
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'03 Sport Trac XLT 4x4
Hey Guys,

So just tore out the back seat panel on my sport trac instead of studying for exams. ;) Now I am confronted with the issue of how I should mount my amps in the empty space next to my sub box. I do not want to mount them under my seats. I was just thinking of designing a wood frame, like a picture frame, that could screw mount the amps onto them and just hang out behind the seats. Thoughts?

The space is 16x19" I have a PA D1000.1 and a PA D4000.4 and they will fit in the space next to each other within those dimensions. Just checked.

Here are some pics of what I'm working with...

Thanks fellas!

O.k. you know I'm gonna need more pictures of that box from different angles with the seat up and down.

I made an amp rack for the same spot out of my 1/4" MDF boards that I have, I have tos of MDF boards for just such projects. I'll take pictures and post them tomorrow or I can text them to you if needed, just im me your number.

Let me know what day you exactly your gonna meet with me for the extender too.

Better idea...

I'm going to to take the same shape as the back of the sub box and make to supports out of wood. Then angle the surface of the supports as they will be upright... Then a sheet of plywood would stretch across like a table and then I'd mount the amps to that.

Pics to come...