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*Help me figure out my 04 explorer shaking*


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August 9, 2009
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04 xlt
04 xlt v8, 55k miles .

It shakes ~ 60mph. Kinda comes and goes. let me run down the list of things that have been checked or replaced.

2 new rims = before that the steering wheel would shake when you turn slightly, that isnt a issue now.

thought it would be a tire, but i put the spare on each side and no difference

new rear end( dont that is related).

tires are new/stock replacements. and correct pressure.

New sway bar mounts ( i done 20k miles ago.)
everything looks tight, nothing loose or out of the ordinary.

Shaking drives me nuts. I have a extended warrenty and need some "ammo" to tell the dealer about. They are a good shop.

Think it could be struts? what are some common "shaking" issues with this vehicle.

thanks in advance


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If you have an extended warranty and it's a good repair shop just let them drive it and figure it out.

I have the same problem. I've suspected the bearings, but I can't be sure....

I have something similar, but at 70mph. Very slight vib i see in the steering wheel. Mind you i just mounted a new set of tires all the way around less than 4k mi ago. I had two shops try and balance my tires, but its still there. Still chasing it down, last rotation improved it greatly.

What i think is going on, is with the rim itself. I'm finding corrosion on mine where the wheel sits on the hub. If you look close you can see a raised part inside where the hub rides on, also notice the outboard ridge. When they balance the wheels this corrosion interferes with the mounting of the rim on the Balance machine. Might just be enough to throw it off enough to never get a good balance. Last time i rotated them i made sure to clean up that ridge with sandpaper, it seemed to help. I still want to clean those ridges outboard/inboard before i try to balance them again.

One guy reported the same thing, his fix was when they balanced the tire they used a 'spreader' or spider to mount the rim to the machine. Its supposedly not held by the center hub but the lug nut holes, BUT I've yet to confirm thats the 'fix' with mine.

ya i had a steering wheel shake pretty bad on the rims that were replaced at 30k miles. the guy showed me the "hop" the rim had on the balance machine. got two rims and got alot better, but something still isnt quite right. i will be taking it in here soon.

also, to test if it was a bad rim , just swap the spare on as that is a full size and the same tire as stock.