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Help me figure out some options


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August 24, 2001
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'96 Sport
My current HU is good - plays my burned CD's prefectly and I like the look/ feel of it. But it only has one preout, I have that hooked up to an MTX 4250D for my subs, now I want to add in 4 channel amp for the speakers. figure my options are;

1, Use speaker level inputs for the 4 channel

2, Run RCA's cables that split into 2 leads, lose any front/back fade. Make sure the amp has an output to hook up to the 4250D.

3, Buy a new HU with 3 high voltage preouts and do it right, then buy the amp and faint when my credit card bill arrives.

What is my best option, any that I missed. Right now I am looking at the MTX 4244, I think it will do what I want. I want to do this right but not spend a ton.

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I would go for option #3, but if you don't want to spend the money, I would guess option #1 b/c I wouldn't want to lose the ability to fade front/back but thats me:)

Go with option # 4 which is add a 1/2 DIN EQ like Clarion EQS560 to your dash. For $75 the EQ will split the one set of radio RCAs into the 3 sets you want, plus get 7 volt outputs, sub volume control, aux input for MP3/tape player, EQ controls, full fader control.

I was going to this route but found a cheap Blau headunit with 3 set rcas out plus I already had remote sub volume control from my amp.

I have not used this EQ but have used this exact setup before in another car and it worked out great, even with a no-name $50 EQ. Noise was not an issue

What is the disadvatage of getting the EQ versus buying a new HU with high voltage preouts. There has to be something or else why would people pay a lot more then an extra $75 to get a HU with 3 preouts versus a cheaper model with just 1 like I did.

If there is no real disadvantage then I'll probalby go with the EQ.

Well In my experience have not seen any significant problems with added EQ. The only thing I've had to do was add a $7 ground loop isolator (in line RCA filter) one time but if your power and grounds are good and clean and your RCAs are not walmart specials you wont have problems. But some reasons I've heard to not add a EQ are that adding another processor in the signal path can cause noise addition and if present can make it harder to trouble shoot. And many inexpensive EQs are not high quality and in themselves degrade the sound (low sig/noise ratio). I believe the Clarion to be mid level quality but with 7 volt output will mask some noise if it gets in. I imagine you will get more opinions.

Also I think reasons why people buy the $300+ head units with 3 RCA outs is also for the other perks they typically offer. Most EQs can't match them. I looked for a inexpensive head unit with 3 outs but found $200 to be the lower limit and even then you have to be lucky on e-bay or something. I eventually found a refurb old model Blau that I like for $168 delivered. So far so good.

what about a line level converter witch converts speaker outs in to rca out this only cost about 30 bucks and doesnt sound bad i used one on my dads truck with stock hu can get one at the following fine locations
walmart, crutchfield, circitcity, bestbuy, and many more

an EQ is prolly your best bet, run your one set of rca's to an EQ that has front, rear and/or sub outputs, most good EQ's will have a high S/N ratio and up the rca voltage a bit.


Hey man,
I have a Clarion HU for sale. If your interseted then ?I'll get some more details about it, to you.
$65 bucks for it, its brand new!