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Help me find a overhead console!!!


December 12, 2011
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Tucson, AZ
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2002 Explorer Sport
Does anybody know where I can find a complete overhead console assembly with a new computer? My computer went out and the lights don't work. So I'm just looking for the whole assembly.
It's for a 2002 explorer sport. Here is a picture. Thank you!

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overhead console

If you take the overhead console off, open it up, inside on the circuit board you will see two components marked 510. These control the brightness and overtime get corroded, unsolder these and re-solder them and it will work as normal again. Did mine yesterday. Goodluck! Also you can find that vid on youtube of a instructional how to

^+1… if you don't already know, teach yourself to solder (really not that hard at all, just practice 1st) and fix it yourself and save the money

+1 on the soldering. It will save you a bunch of time. But if you really don't want to, you're best bet will be looking in junkyards for explorers (4drs & sports) and sport traces around you.

If anyone has a problem with soldering I'll do that for free if you pay shipping, and component parts IF needed. Send a PM as I may not see a reply.