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Help me find seafoam point on this pic

Brett F.

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November 17, 2004
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'93 4x4
Ok guys. I have a 1996 Ex. xlt and it is far different from my 93. Can someone show me a good point for seafoam? I keep reading on here that the pcv connector into the intake is a good point but I can't seem to find it.

Can someone draw an arrow or circle a good place? Other than the brake booster.

Also is this the OHV or SOHC?



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You've got an OHV. The SOHC was introduced in the '97 model year.

Ok cool thanks. So this OHV is completely different from my 93. There is no vacume tree like in the older model and the plastic upper intake manifold had me confused.

So ok on "this" version of the OHV where is a good seafoam point?

So ok on "this" version of the OHV where is a good seafoam point?

I can't help you with maintenance on an OHV because I haven't driven an OHV since I sold my '93 Sport to a friend of mine a LONG time ago.

There are zillions of Seafoam posts on EF dating back many years. You might want to use your search skills to find them. I know of a GREAT thread for the 5.0 and I know from driving a SOHC for a number of years that there are great threads on that engine and Seafoam. I'd imagine there are lots on the OHV as well.

Good luck! Seafoam is good stuff.

Use the Brake Master Cylinder vacuum line located behind the brake fluid resivoir. With truck running pull connector out and put it into top of seafoam can with can right side up. It will want to suck it all out so you gotta hold it so fluid is slowly sucked out. Getting too much in at one time could damage motor so go slow.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but that how I did it.

There is a long debate about using the booster line and the seafoam not being distributed equally to all cylinders as well as equally throughout the intake, etc... since it is so far to the back and directly across from an intake runner...

Best place I have found on the 4.0L OHV is designated by the big red arrow in your original pic below... it's a little tight getting in there, but worth the effort once you see just how perfect this location is for seafoam treatments...

Just remove the line there, being careful to not break the plastic clip, and attach any old rubber vacuum line long enough for your needs, make sure to plug the line you remove with a bolt or rubber plug and place it out of the way of anything it could get caught on when the engine is started. Then just idle the engine and add in whatever amount of seafoam you require. The vacuum from this port will suck up the seafoam quick, so be careful. have someone to help you with keeping the idle up to about 1000 rpm's and all should be fine. Using this location will undoubtedly reach all of the intake and cylinders equally, as it is brought in through the throttle body. I've been doing it like this since I first owned my truck, and i never had a problem. Once your done, just pop on the line and clip you removed, and your done.

Not trying to necro-post but where is this location of the PCV at (from the last post)? The updated picture with the big red arrow is gone! Thanks for the help!