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Help me indentify this wheel please?

Yesterday was city wide garage sale day-I scored 2 of these for $5.00.
I kind of think they will look good powdercoated black-and would like to try to scour the web for another pair-
The casting has a company name of "DOORAY" and I believe they are marketed as "EQUUS"
There are markings--

Mold .1

Any info will be appreciated
These were off a 03 mustang-so they will fit with about the same issues as cobra wheels I assume.


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Here are the markings--
I searched "DOORAY" in google-supposedly they made the wheels for "EQUUS"


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Finding another pair of those could be difficult.

You might be watching eBay for quite a while...

same issues

You will probably run into the same issues if those wheels have the same offset as factory Mustang wheels. I've tried it myself and came up unlucky. If you are looking for a set of nice Mustang wheels that will fit with no mods, I have a set for ya. You can email me at They are '05 Saleen wheels chrome. They are on my '00 Ranger as I type.

That looks like a 46mm offset, those would be a poor fit on 91-01 Explorers, as in huge spacers. But the later cars and trucks could use them.

LOL you dont get your luck. That CarDomain is my Diamante. And im selling it so im willing to sell the rims off it. Ill have to check the exact size i know there 17'. Give me a day to check size and i will need to get some cheap stock rim to replace the ones on the car.

k there 17x7.5, ALBA Douray, Mold 1, wrapped in kumho ecasta supra low profiles.