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Help me out

I am about to order some 33x12.5x15 and American Racing Baja rims( 15x8 ) my question is what backspace should I go with.. I have a 98 sport with 3 inch body lift, torsion twist and shackles

Also if anyone has anyplace to look for tire and wheel deals besides National tire and wheel, Tire rack and off road warehouse please share them.

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The backspacing on the stock 7" wheels is 4.5". I think when you go up, you should go out. Of course the farther you go out, the more wear on the wheel bearings. The less backspacing there is, the farther the wheel will stick out.

I run an 8" M/T Classic II with my 33x12.50 SSR's that has 3 3/8" backspacing, and I like it. Bearing wear has been fine. I've seen 33x12.50's run on 3.25" to 4.5" backspacing, and personally, I prefer closer to the 3.25" end. I just don't think it looks right when you have wider tires and a lift without going with less backspacing. Plus, when you raise the vehicle, if you don't broaden the base somewhat (i.e., go with less backspacing), you're more likely to tip over in off camber situations.

Do the 8" Baja's you want come in more than one backspacing? If so, what are they?

Besides the vendors you mentioned, there's 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers, Desert Rat, and a number of others. Just pick up any 4x4 magazine and look through it.

What tires are you going with?

So does anyone else have any ideas or comments? I want to order these today...... Thanks for your help

i do agree w/ dogman in that there are many other good places to buy tires. just get any 4x4 magazine and find the best listed price and then haggle them down over the phone.

i always go w/ 3.75" bs which is pretty much standard. that will sit you out a good bit but not to much. as for the less being more, i don't really agree. when you want a wide stance, you always order "maximum" bs and that would mean a big number. all bs is how far bac the part of the wheel that is mounted to the diff. is welded on. the more bs the more width when you put mount your wheels. this is what i've always been told from the guys at the local 4x4 shops and my buddies at the 4wheel parts wholesaler's warehouse in atl.. if it is not correct then i will humbly accept the correct answer, but i'm pretty sure that is right.

if you ordering a steel wheel such as the baha, you can pretty much get whatever bs you want. it's just might be a costum order but no big deal, but lie i said, 3.75" is pretty much standard and that is what i always use and most others as well.

good luc-russel

Simply, backspacing is the distance from the inside lip of the wheel to the inside surface of the wheel mounting plate.

A stock 7" wheel on an Explorer has a 4.5" backspacing, which puts the center of the wheel 1" INBOARD of the axle mounting flange. (Axle mounting flange - point where wheel contacts vehicle, usually front brake rotor or rear brake drum.)

Take an 8" wheel with 3.75" backspacing. That means that the inside of the wheel mounting plate is 3.75" from the inside lip of the wheel. This would put the center of the wheel 0.25" OUTBOARD of the axle mounting flange.

An 8" wheel with 4.5" backspacing. The inside of the wheel mounting plate would be 4.5" from the inside lip of the wheel. This would put the center of the wheel 0.5" INBOARD of the axle mounting flange.

An 8" wheel with 3.25" backspacing. The inside of the wheel mounting plate would be 3.25" from the inside lip of the wheel. This would put the center of the wheel 0.75" OUTBOARD of the axle mounting flange.

So you see, the LOWER the value for backspacing on a wheel, the FARTHER that wheel will stick out from the vehicle. That's why an 8" wheel with 3.25" backspacing will stick out farther than an 8" wheel with 3.75" backspacing--exactly 0.5" farther.

Anytime the value of backspacing is less than half the total width of the wheel, the center of the wheel will be outboard of the axle mounting flange. Anytime the value of backspacing is more than half of the total width of the wheel, the center of the wheel will be inboard of the axle mounting flange.

Since the backspacing to offset relationship is an inverse one, sometimes it's a little hard to visualize. Try drawing a picture on a piece of paper, that usually helps.

I do believe the American Racing Baja wheels are aluminum.

Well, I placed my order today.

Here is what I got.

33" Pro Comp M/T
15x8 Eagle 589 with 3.25 backspace

I also ordered the Performance Assoc. Body lift for a 98-01 ranger. got all of it from National Tire and Wheel

cost was 1070.00 shipped. Not bad from what I can tell.

Now I just have to make everything fit and work!

Sounds good Austin.

I think you'll like the Pro Comp muds, their center lugs are siped, which really helps on wet traction.

Ditto with the 589's. Matt Adams has those on his rig and they look great, plus the backspacing seems just right.

Sounds like a good price. I've never bought anything, YET, from National Tire, but the times I've talked to them I was impressed by their professional demeanor. I'll look to them first for the next set of wheels and tires I get.

Good luck with everything!

Hey retard....I told you to get 3.25 backspace....remember?



i know this is kind of an old thread, but i get how backspacing works, but do you guys know anything about how offset measurements work? whats the offset on a stock 16x7 wheel?


Will 15X8 with a 4" backspace stick out past the front fender? If so, I'll go with 15X7. Please let me know as soon as possible, as I'm ready to order soon.

Stork, the rims won't but the tires will.

Offset is the measurement from the front of the rim to the face of the lug seat. I think stock rims have a 2" offset.

Ive got some 20" KMC Thunder wheels...I need to figure out the backspacing and offset of these rims so I can sell them to potential buyers. So i understand to get the backspacing, i put a ruler across the back of the rim, and measure the distance from that ruler to where it attaches to the how do I figure out the offset then?

The aluminum 16x7 wheels on my 95 Explorer Sport are stamped, "offset = 12mm"