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Help me pump, gangsta style!


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April 16, 2002
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Help me guys,

I`m total old school when it comes to rap type music. The only "rap" you could say I have ever liked was the Beastie boys and Cypress Hill. I actually still listen to those bands.

I recently upgraded my system and got a sub in the back. I been crankin "what`cha want" quite regularly, lol.

I copied some of a friend`s Eminem, and I wouldn`t say I`m a fan, but I get a kick out of it for the whole comedy aspect of his game, I guess I do it for a laugh, there must be some talent to putting together some of those rhymes tho`.
I like some of Snoop dog`s stuff too and maybe it is just the dirty lyrics that attracts me.

What other groups do you guys suggest I check out? Doesn`t have to be all swearing and shiat. A Beastie Boys or Cypress hill type band would be cool, I dig those grooves.

-thanks, and don`t tell my friends about this. :D

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Jurassic 5, Nerd, uhh... Outkast is a good group to test your system out with.... thinking .... jeez I havent listened to rap in a long time... Pharoah Monch
God, I'll get some more names in a while.

Beastie Boys, I grew up listening to them! They have actually been playing Fight for Your Right on the radio down here. Good song :D

I actually recommend Sublime - April 29, 1992 (Miami). :)

ah.... old school rap. i listen to it every now and again. allways dug Beasties. i like Sublime too, when im in a mellow mood. get the "Office Space" soundtrack. lots of good tunes.

haha... i guess it helps to be young you know whats in
"style" rap wize heres a list of the good rappers.... Alot of songs by these people " hit hard with subs"

tech n9ne
50 cent
snoop dogg
project pat
36 mafia
bone thugz n harmony
....... many more ill try to think but ... thats good for now!

O yeah i for got to add somthing... If you have fast internet service... i have a good thing you could do... go download " kazaa". It will let you dowload thoes songs for free... It easy.. ( not recomended for slow internet providers)

Jurassic 5, The Roots, Pharcyde, Black Eyed Peas, A Tribe Called Quest - all good kinda "old school" type stuff. Otherwise, Outkast, and you have to at some point in time play the song "Dead Prez - Hip Hop" on your new system... belive me, you'll love it :D

Other good search engines are Overnet and Edonkey. They are a little less user friendly, in the fact you have to adjust how fast your machine will run and some other settings, and its not as fast as Kazaa, but it will yield SUPERB search results. But those programs are for someone with a lot of patience....

If you want the real Old Skool Rap, you have to get the old Too-$hort albums... Rappin-4-Tay (spelling) is kewl too (Playa's Club)...

go download " kazaa".

Wow, Anyone use winmx? or am I the only one??

Thanks guys, I`ll check some of these suggestions out, and then I might even break down and buy some cds of the ones I like.

I can not believe no one has mentioned Tupac and BIG... Check out the new Philly project Freeway, he has a smother type of rap when you compare it to those two I just mentioned. Check Ghost Face Killer, Meth, Redman, Master P has some major bass in his songs. Lil Jon is annoying but it bumps. Take a look at the Wu Tang Clan's newest CD Iron Flag. Like someone already mentioned Dr.Dre and 50cent are pretty good to listen to.

I usually use WinMX when I am looking for something that is hard to find. So far I have found Kazaa to be the fastest, but it does not produce as good search results as other programs.

The Mrs. bought me the new 50 Cent CD which features Eminem rapping on a few cuts. This was my wedding Anniversary gift, 'cause my wife married a thug! LOL!


Don't forget the WEST COAST!

Rodney O and Joe Cooley

Egyptian Lover

These two 1980s groups put the 'S' in BASS! Their raps are old-school, but work real well, too!


Originally posted by Ken Cooke
The Mrs. bought me the new 50 Cent CD which features Eminem rapping on a few cuts. This was my wedding Anniversary gift, 'cause my wife married a thug! LOL!


50 CENT and Eminem two of the Coolest rappers nowadays.......

i dont really know ne "OldSchool" well cuz im not that old lol......... i think the oldest rap i listen to is soem of Dre's original songs

PEACE :afro: