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Help me with check engine light please!


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January 17, 2009
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Lorain, Oh
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'94 sport
My check engine light comes on every time i drive in my 94 X. It comes on after about 2 miles of driving and stays on until i turn my car off. then does it all over again when i drive somewhere else. i did a scan and got codes 335, 327, and 332. Don't know what to replace first. I was thinking the egr sensor. any suggestions would be appreciated.

My code list indicates that a 335 can only be a KOEO code. I'm guessing you didn't perform the KOER test, so that would mean (according to my code list) that the 332 is a CM code. 327 could be both.

SOP is to start with KOEO codes. These codes are set at the time of the KOEO test, while the engine isn't running. This means they almost always have to be electrical. This also means that a fault EGR valve most likely is not the cause of a KOEO 335. More likely would be an electrical fault in the wiring between the PCM and the DPFE sensor or a faulty DPFE sensor.

hell my 94 x has a check engine light on and ive had it checked a number of time and the codes show as stumped. it dosent run bad except if i stomp on it at a stop light it hasa hesitation. no one i know has any idea what its problem is. damn thing has a mind of its own.