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help me with my shocks

vinny d

July 29, 2009
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drexel hill, PA
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94explorer xlt
i want to replace my original shocks on my 94 explorer i was thinking about rancho rs5000 or gabriel max i dont go offroading i might do alittle this summer nothing big but it is my daily driver and i want a nice ride any help is good thanx

Rancho RS5000 or Gabriel Max or maybe even Monroe Reflex shocks would be ok for the price, and give you a nice ride and better handling. KYB makes GR-2 shocks which are also pretty good for the price.

Monotube shocks like Bilsteins or KYB Gas-a-Just tend to give better performance by design, but are also more expensive, and generally harder to come by.

If you want a deal on shocks, you can possibly wait until there's a "buy 3 get one free" deal at the parts store, since they have those during the spring and summer on Monroe/Rancho and Gabriel shocks at parts stores.

eBay has the best deals, though. I've seen plenty of brand new first gen shocks for cheeeeeap on there. You may have to buy the front and rear pairs seperately, but it can be worth it for the savings. Heck, I'd even buy them way ahead of time of needing them just to have the shocks I want when the old ones wear out.