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help! need interior color idea's!


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May 1, 2005
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1997 Eddie Bauer
well ill be doing the interior little by little...but basically after the airbags are done, we will be starting the wall rebuild, so the headliner is the 1st thing that needs to be done. right now its black suede, but it needs to be recovered anyways becuase theres glue, dust, etc all over it. thing is, i dont know what color i want to paint my truck yet, or what rims (chrome, or black w/ chrome lip) thinkin all monotone red (a little brighter, more candy looking with flake) than my stock red...but all red with black rims, and black suede with painted red interior pieces?

all the door panels and dash will be fiberglassed and painted to match the exterior paint. the only things suede will be the headliner, the wall, the pillars/trim in between the doors, etc...and some of the console.

give me some ideas guys...even on the paint/rims, and interior. i dont wanna do black paint becuase its so common...i love black on black, but i want something thatll really turn heads...not anything tacky, but something vibrant enough (like a nice candy looking red or something)

i sorta like this theme with the all black rims and the red paint, with the black tint. i dont know how this would look on my explorer though.


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If you do the paint like on the car I would do the interior with black with red accents. I like the red and black look.

me too, and id deff do black suede with red paint if i do that. another option is tan suede with red paint (and do chrome rims instead)

anyone wanna PS me some pics? hehe

I think it will look better with less chrome. Im tired of seeing chrome on a bagged truck/suv. I like black wheels with a red. Black on black is ok but getting like chrome. Over used.

OMG THIS IS HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D

i need to know what rims those are, i want them!


Thats so sweet....You have to do this now...LOL

figure out what brand those rims are!!! lol. i cant remember where i found that red car pic...but i found it today at work....i think it was on one of the member's "click here to view xxxxx's homepage!" link.

i just cant remeber who's.