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HELP! New Wheels and Tires make GRINDING noise!


May 18, 2008
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'99 XLT
Hi all,

I bought a set of wheels and tires last night and put them on my truck immediately. However, I didn't drive the truck until this morning.

I backed out of the driveway to let my wife leave for work and the wheels are making a HORRIBLE grinding noise! I can feel the grinding too. Keep in mind that the truck is solid and wasn't making ANY strange noises before today.

I had the stock 15" wheels with 235/75 tires and swapped them for 15" wheels off of a Jeep that has 30x9.5's

What could that noise be?! Help!!

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That's odd I just did the same swap and mine are fine good luck hope its nothing major

do not drive this till you take them rims off,,

the rims do not fit that is evident,,
check like he said , brake clearance,, probably rubbing on the caliper, effectively making them into lathes grinding the rim apart,, do not drive it , or the wheels could fall off or worse,, break off the brake calipers , either costs a bunch of money, and poses a danger to your life ,

I'll be the third person to say Do Not Drive It! The wheels are rubbing on either the brake caliper or the tires are rubbing on the inside of bumper in the front. Which ever, pull the wheels and see where they are scratched / scuffed and you can go from there. If they are rubbing on the brake caliper then you need a new set of wheels.

Let us know where they are grinding.

First of all, let me just say that I DID NOT DRIVE IT! I noticed the grinding when I backed out of the driveway and pulled back in. We're talking about a total of maybe 100ft.

I couldn't find where the noise was coming from so I jacked up the front of the truck and spun the wheels. No grinding.

Jacked up the back of the truck and sure enough, that's where it was. The front wheels spun freely and there was no problem. However, the rears were rubbing on the brake calipers and like Corkey said earlier, they were lathing the inside of the wheels. It was either the calipers themselves or the rotor shields.

So, the wheels are no good. Popped the factory wheels back on and went about my day.

What measurement do I have to check to make sure that this doesn't happen again? Is it backspacing?

Backspacing/offset is one, wheel shape is another. Explorers with an 8" wheel like 3.75-4" backspacing. The thickness and shape of the wheel also plays a role in caliper clearance. What width are the jeep wheels?

I can only imagine what that sounded like. Sounds like it would be a terrible noise