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HELP! No fuel no crank totally lost


October 5, 2006
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Hi long time no see, have a problem with my 92 Ex. Thing died on the highway, and now as it sits, has no fuel pump priming and no cranking. Battery and alt are good, tested them they are fine everything else works, no blown fuses, truck just wont prime in the fuel pump and I dont even get a click out of the starter, help me out amigos! Thanks in advance

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will the accessories turn on when you turn the key on?

did you check the fuel pump relay?

What, if anything, does work?

Enerything else mworks, all the accessories, everything, checked the relay its good, just have no fuel pump and the starter wont turn over from the ignition key. I can get the starter to turn over by running a screwdriver across it from the engine bay, this thing has me stumped lol

Does the check engine light turn on when you switch on the key?

it sounds like the ignition switch on the column isnt right. that switch does control the starter and fuel pump. or the harness got damaged.

Ignition solinoid.

fuel pump shut off switch? passengers side floorboard try pressing the button

ground wire

could be a bad ground wirer from engine to the body of the suv

U need a NEW starter, the fuel pump is not going to prime if the engine don't turn... (A)Test your starter first if good,then replace your Ignition solinoid

Hope this help...