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HELP! No heat/ Overheat

August 2, 2011
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Detroit Michigan
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2002 Limited
So i went to go to the store on this lovely 7 degree morning here in Michigan. Let my 02 V8 limited warm up as usual when its cold for about 20 min. got in, it was still cold inside, heat wasnt working. Decided it wasnt but a few miles to the store and went omw. Just as I got to the gas station the motor over heated and went into safe mode. Let it cool off and blow the steam out the coolant cap for a few and limped home. I looked under the hood, no hoses leaked, radiator has no leaks as well. I need some advise on this one guys! Thanks!

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Anyone got any ideas? I need to be able to fix this ASAP! I need to get to work! Many thanks in advance!!!:roll:

Ok so...

Ok so I checked the oil. No smell or sign of coolant. So dosent look like a head gasket or crackd head. The coolant looks funny thoe, kinda off color. Any ideas?

Coolant ever been changed? If not then 10 year old coolant could be gunked up and caused a blockage. I would go with flushing radiator and replace thermostat and see what you find along the way.

Edit: also if you have more than 70% water in your coolant you could of had ice inside the hoses which could cause a slew of issues

Thanks Boom!

Yep coolant was changed when I replaced the radiator last summer. It was a 50/50 mix. It was a mix of the motorcraft antifreeze and peak antifreeze mixed with water. Thanks for the reply!

Its cold!

Ima wait tell it warms up now before I do anything. It a whopping 8 degrees outside now! Im missing work for the day so I guess Ill just look at the possibilities and go from there.

If the engine overheated, then it is either your water pump or the thermostat. I don't know of what else could go wrong that would cause your engine to overheat.


As stated above, water pump or thermostat. Replace the thermostat first,since it's the easiest and the cheapest to do, especially in 8 degree weather!

Slight thread hijack here, but related.

I'm going to be replacing the upper and lower thermostat housing on my 02 XLS due to a leak. While I'm in there, I might as well replace the thermostat. Rock Auto lists a Stant OEM replacement as 190*, but Advance lists 180*. Which is it?

Here it is

So I pulled the lower rad hose, and slush came out... My Anti freeze failed! 50/50 Ford motorcrapt, crap! That and the Thermostat was bad. I changed the coolant and the t stat and vwalla! Heat and no overheat! However, I found a small black piece of plastic under the t stat when I pulled it. It looks like it is off the plastic intake. And there is a rubber gasket kinda pushing thru where the plastic broke. Its not leaking coolant anywhere, and its not going into the motor. Fine for now im guessing. But its gonna b my first majour project as soon as the weather warms a bit. Just what I need is to spend another 300 bucks on the motor.:thumbsup:

T stat temp

I got a stant 195 deg T stat for my 4.6 v8. It was same as O.E. Im not shure what engine you have but 195 is what goes in the 4.6.