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Help! No sound from radio!


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August 29, 2001
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Dallas, Texas
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93 XLT
I have 93 XLT with premium JBL sound system. Over the past few years when it was cold, it would at first get no sound at all, but as the cab warmed up the sound would fade in then return to normal.

However just a few days ago (it is warm now here in Texas) I was listening to the radio and the sound just faded out with a static sound then nothing. A day or two later it came back for a few seconds, then nothing since. Display and all cassette/radio functions seem to work OK, just no sound. If I change the volume I can hear a pop as the LED display changes position.

Is there any way to easily figure out if it is the head unit or the power amp back by the sub? Any easy fixes? If I have to change the head unit, can I get a compatibly one or do I have to bypass the amp? What about the sub in this case?


Sounds like a loose connection. Pull out your headunit (there are 4 holes, 2 on each side. You can use paperclips or buy a $3.00 tool) Bend the paperclip in a u shape and insert them in both holes at same time. Then simply pull it out. It might take a few tries. You should here a click when you've done it right. You will find two harnesses back there. One connects all the power wire, which is working for you just fine. The one I suspect is the problem is the skinnier one. This connects all the speakers. Check to see if it is plugged in tight. If all connections check out okay, then pull off your panel where the stock sub is and check the connections at both amps. With a new headunit, you do not have to bypass the amp. you have to buy a harness that allows you to use the stock amp. It's kind of a waste though. You get much better sound bypassing the amp. But then your sub won't work.