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HELP! on a 95' Sport


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January 14, 2001
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Alright heres the deal first of all i know my username says i have a 91 exp sport...well i did but i wrecked it so now i have a 95 exp sport. Just to eliminate the hassle of confusion!

OK...on to the reason for this post.

My truck is pretty much stock...completly stock in the lift/tires area.

What i would like to know is what is a pretty good idea of what I'll need to do some basic offroading. Im not talkin 6' deep mud holes or 85 degree hill climbs or anything....just maybe some small hills and no mud deeper than 2'.

So what i need to know is whats the biggest tire size i can fit STOCK (1995 Explorer Sport 15" rims) And if you guys think that won't be good enough for basic wheeling...what will I need ALONG WITH a 2" body lift to be able to fit bigger tires. I don't want a suspension lift...just a body lift.

What kind of money are we talking about in total for the body lift and everything i need along with it.

Thanks and i appriciate any response as im a little discombobulated (means confused...yes its a word) on this subject.

THanks ahead of time!!!

Any pics would be even more appriciated!!!!

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As far as tire sizes here is all the info you'd ever want

Lift and Tire Sizes For Explorers

Now on the expense. You can get the body lift for under 100 dollars 2" or 3" from 4wheelparts

You could also do a TT/shackle or aal to get 2"'s of lift. which would probably come in somewhere in the region of 200 dollars (including alignment).

If you do a search you will find TONS AND TONS of information on these lifts.

Good Luck!

you should to that little suspension lift + a 2" Body lift and go with 32's for some good off-roading. sometimes 31's wont pull you through when you get in a tough situation.

heres a 95. list is "Lifted95X" i dont remember if he has a 2 or 3" body lift in this pic- but im pretty sure his tires are 32"

And heres my 98 with 32's.

Thanks alot for the info!!!

What exactly is a TT/shackle or an aal and what do they involve doing?? Can i do it myself and what are the disadvantages if any?

I really would like 32"s....good for lite offroading and still give a half decent ride on the road. Im not too concerned about that though as I'm getting a Grand Prix GT in June....thats why I didnt do anything to my X before now....i didnt want to ruin the "every day driveability".

Thanks again for the replys!!!!

TT = torsion twist. Two bolts that you basically turn clockwise and it lifts your truck. But if you go over 2" you'll kill your CV joints. Do a search for Torsion Twist, theres thread with pictures and "how to" instructions if you need em.

Shackles= lift the rear of your leaf springs. They are Warrior shackles part #153. You need to special order them... but i think someone is selling them on the site right now. So do a search for WAR 153 and they should come up along with plenty of info.

AAL = extra springs you install in your spring packs. Choice between Double AAL or Single. Different in price is about $100 but the double give over 2" lift. Again, do a search for Add-A-Leaf, AAL, Double AAL and you'll find plenty of info and instructions.

Dissadvantages... depends on your perspective, i love how my truck rides and handles. You cant expect to lift your explorer and have it ride like a cadillac..

The "search" feature on this site is amazing and you'll find ANY information you will ever need just by using it.

Give it a shot ;)