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Help on ABS LIGHT !!


July 5, 2000
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Got a question to ask if any of you had a problem with the abs light q Cuz When i replaced the whole new brake system.. rotor..pad..wheel bearing.. the rotor has abs sensor thing.. well.. i had it done replaced.. but after 2 months.. the abs light came on after driving like 3 miles. or little more.. i checked the brake fluids which were full fill up to the top ! so how much is the abs modular thing q shall i had it replair by prof. or i could do it myself q how much shall i expect the part itself cost q any feedback would be greatly appreactie it due to my baby truck I use it alot for the work transportation.. thanks.. also if it is not bad to worry it is ok to drive with abs light on qq or shall i had it repair right away qq

abs light

I just went through this, and it turned out to be low brake fluid. ABS troubles can be expensive to fix - I've been told the minimum to hook the system up to the diagnostic computer will be about $600. When my ABS finally does go, I'll just be pulling out the actuator and removing the system alltogether.

But to solve your problem, make sure all sensors and connections are clean. Check to see if the plunger in the brake fluid resevoir is ****ed and stuck (it should be free-floating on top). The ABS light coming on can also indicate brake problems other than with the ABS.