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Help p0301


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January 28, 2015
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getting code p0301 on my 1999 Ford Explorer. Changed spark plugs and wires. I got a new coil pack. I think it's one of the converters but not sure.

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Misfire cylinder 1. Good news is it isn't a Catalytic converter caused problem.

1st thing is to check compression, then if that checks ok look at the fuel injector-wiring.

Cylinder 1 is front passenger side. Easy to get to for compression check. Report back please.

Especially if it is idling rough. A cat converter will not cause one cylinder to misfire enough to set a code, without the other cylinders on that bank also misfiring. You have a combustion problem on cylinder one. That cylinder is "dead" .
Things needed for combustion are air,fuel, compression and spark. You know you have spark, compression check (easier) will verify air and compression. All that is left to check after that is fuel ( hardest).

Edit. I am going out on a limb and "speculating" the fuel injector on cylinder one is either dead or disconnected ( bad wiring to it). In this case lets hope so, as low compression would indicate internal damage. You don't want to buy an injector for a damaged engine, so, please check compression first.

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