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HELP: Parts for mono to 4dr leaf swap


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February 19, 1999
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1998 Sport
Hey guys, I'm planning to swap out my mono for the 4dr leafs on my 98 Sport. I'll be getting the 4dr leafs from a junkyard and want to know if I need to get any extra parts (bolts, etc.). Also, I read that the 4dr leafs are 2.5" while the mono is 3". Is this an issue or will the 4dr leafs mount fine.

Thanks for your replies,

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There is no extra hardware need unles you break or have to torch off a bolt. The mono is wider than the multi but that doesn't cuz a problem. I did the swap on mine and its alot easier with 2 people.

The only parts you need are the leaves if all your bolts are in good shape.

Having 2 or 3 people is nice, and 1 (2 is better) jack and a couple of jackstands.

Penetrating lube is also good, as is a nice breaker bar or cheater pipe. Oh, and deep sockets for the ubolts.

There is a very good thread on how to do this, some where on this site, just do a search. It has pictures and a list of tools needed. Very helpful. I printed it out and followed the suggestions when I did mine and it was very helpful and easy to do. I agree 2 people 2 floor jacks and 2 jack stands will help to make everything smoothly.

Good Luck!! I love how mine turn out. I got an inch of lift from the backend which leveled everything out and the ride is more stable, not really firmer but more stable with less body roll.

The mono leaf shrinks down to 2.5" at the end. There will be extra space between u-bolt and the spring pack. The job took me about 3 hours. Good luck!