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help please? bad torque converter?


September 19, 2015
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94 ford explorer
i was planning on a 4x4 conversion on my 94 ford explorer, with a transmission from the junkyard. i started it up and i immediately heard either a rattle, or a broken something coming from what sounds like the torque converter. when i shift through the gears, i can tell it is shifting due to the engine rpms. but it does nothing when i hit the gas. i dont hear the gears at all moving to engage. wheni picked the transmission from the junkyard the fluid was very clean, almost as clean as it would if it came out of a new bottle of atf.could it be just a bad torque converter or am wrong and i got a **** transmission? any help would greatly appreciated. thank you!
a4ld transsmission and bw 1354 t case

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Sounds like you did not get the converter all the way back in the pump and broke the pump gears. Did the transmission bellhousing slide up against the engine block or did you have to pull it together with the bolts? And was the converter studs clear through the flex plate or when you tightened the nuts did it pull it against the flex plate?

The transmission was literally a hair away from the engine. When iwas tightening the bolts for the tc i did notice afterni tightened one bokt it got hard to turn with a flat head but after the 3rd bold i think i heard the tc slide out of the transmission a little.i figured i pushed it into the transmission more than it needed

It went together the second time the first time i didnt know the tc came out of the transmission a little but i didnt know it did. I tried tightening it but it wasent moving. I loosened it up and saw it wasnt in all the way and put it back in further. Idk if that may have damaged it. I didnt tighten it too much

Take a cooler line off at the radiator and put the end into a container and start engine. It should be pumping one quart of fluid every 20-30 seconds. If not you have broken gears.

Okay ill give that a shot when i get off of work tonight. Got any other ideas on what it could be so i can test it out tonight?

Unfortunately it doesn't sound to promising. Hope I am wrong. If it will pump fluid than make sure the transfer case is not in neutral. Other than that I just don't know. Maybe someone else has some ideas to try. Good luck man!

Its an electronic transfercase. Stupid question. Can i have the wire for the transfercase disconnected and be used as a pass through? Okay thank you very much for your ideas!