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Help please? spitting/sputtering (rough) while driving


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October 24, 2006
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92 XLT
This is an intermittent problem. 1992 Explorer engine idles fine. But once driving engine starts out OK but then runs rough where engine power sputters down like running on 3-4 cylinders, and RMPs drop to around 1500 until it instantly changes to running normal again. It's either bogging down or it's running normal. Problem exists when engine is either cold or warm (normal temp). Read trouble codes several times, keep coming up 111.

Inspected wires, they look fine (no crack and only a few years old). Put fuel injector cleaner in during last tank full. Already changed fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, MAF sensor, ignition coil box, and new spark plugs.

Could it possibly be the EDIS module or crank shaft position sensor?



How did it run right after the fuel filter replacement?
What did the old one look like?
How plugged was it and if any gas came out was if full of junk?

The reason for asking is if you have a bunch of stuff in the tank you can take out a new filter in no time at all if it gets into it or the pump it’s self. I may be wrong but it sounds like a fuel problem and if it’s not electrical then it has to be flow and the filter is one that will get you fast. remember its about 19 years old (the truck) and most likely the OE tank so no telling what’s sitting in the bottom of it that may be breaking lose. Just a thought.

Fuel ran clear when changing the fuel filter when draining old fuel filter. When I had the tank out, inspected with a flashlight and saw practically no sediment inside.

I forgot to mention I checked the fuel pressure too and the numbers were at the bottom end of the spec. 30 at idle, and 35-40 going down the road even while it was stuttering.

check the fuel pump relay then if not that I would think time to recheck your pump again .