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Help Please!!!


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October 23, 2007
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Fitzgerald GA
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2002 Mountaineer
ok guys here's the story. I installed the big 3 today at about 4. For those that don't know what the big three is, you run 0/1 gauge battery-chassis,engine-chassis,alternator-battery. Well at about 10 tonight I was riding through town and the message center beeped a few times. It said check charging system. I pulled over at the auto zone that closed an hour ago. while I was checking for loose connections under the hood the truck sputtered for second and then shut off. Can anyone tell me what could have happened?

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I'd say remove the "big three" one by one and see what solves the problem.

the reason I did that mod is so that I can run 6 amps in the truck when I finally get the stereo all put together. I will try removing the wires when I get another battery to put in.

Go to Mods Section.

You might want to post this in the mods section. This is clearly a modification. :thumbsup:

hmm..thats weird
BTW can you post pics of where you put the wires? I been think of doing this to my truck. I did it on my old truck and it help my system alot