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Help pls!!!! Truck wont start

September 16, 2006
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bladensburg, md
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95 explorer sport
my 95 ex just took a dump on me she wont start. I changed the ignition switch the starter plus solenoid, and she still wont fire but once in a blue moon. I have jumped it out from the battery and she fires up just fine. I have run out of ideas the battery is fully charged nothing is loose i cleaned the connections i have dun ran plumb out of ideas. Pls help

try replacing your negative and positive cables...they may be corroded underneath the sheathing...

I agree completely with the replace the cables. My wife's Infiniti QX4 did this exact thing....$5 worth of cable and $4 worth of new ends and it has started fine and ran fine since.

ok well i will give that a shot cause nothing else is working, and its real embarrassing having to jump it with a wire lol