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HELP! rancho quicklifts and spacers


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October 15, 2012
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White plains
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2006ford explorer
so today i finally started installing my rancho quicklifts and btf uca's
the install went okay except for one thing. my cv axle is rubbing on the base of the strut and the uniball cup is actually hitting the spring

i still have the stock alignment plates in but have moog alignment kits coming, do you think that this could remedy at least part of my problem??!!


Looking at it, it may just be that those btf UCAs just don't play well with the quick lifts (haven't lifted an explorer so I don't know from direct experience). Alignment plate upgrades may give you a little slack but you will definitely need limiting straps on your rig unless you never do anything but drive on smooth roads. I would order those... plus hope the Moog plates give you enough adjustment.

i have the moog plates hopefully coming tomorrow and i think most of my problems are because i have the arms in the wrong way.. left on the right and right on the left ..WHOOPS maybe next time ill try and pay a little more attention

limiting straps are in the works but i dont offroad much if any, not too many places by me :(

If you have spacers on top of the rancho struts that is your problem. Its either one or the other.