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help-shaking during ignition


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April 14, 2015
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2008 ford explorer
when i start my 2008 ford explorer 4.0L it seems to shake throughout the vehicle and idles low but uncontrolled. it will go away when i tap the throttle and warm up the engine. other times it will continue until i put it into drive and and slowly accelerate. it stops once the truck heats up. ive gotten a check engine light that gives the codes p0302 which is a misfire in head 2. ive changed the coil pack and replaced the spark plugs. anyone have any clues of cause or solution?

Spark plugs and wires should have been your first move not the coil pack. How did you know your coil pack is bad? I was having the same issue with 2006 eb but mine was intermittent. And I did post here in the forum and nobody dared to pitch in while it got hundred views..well It run smooth but sometimes it just stall after starup, the car shake while idling or bouncing idle up to hestation on cruisin(80kpm speed). I Cleaned maf, tb, pulled plugs cleaned and regapped and reset the pcm still having the same issue. And 1 thing i missed, my spark plug wires. They are original and 9y/o. Replace the wire and my car runs like it did the first day it rolled out of the factory.
if ever you still have misfire even after changing the wire. Do a compression test on the cylinder.

Just for the record: I test the wires, number 1 and 4 have a very high resistance of 12k ohms which do not exceed 15k or 16k to throw a misfire code.