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HELP!!!!....Sirius radio locating options??


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February 22, 2007
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2015 Ford Explorer Sport
Well...I just purchased a Sirius Sportster 5 radio. It came with the window suction cup and cig. lighter plug. I didn't want to mount it in my windshield for everyone to see and tie up my cig. lighter plug so I purchased a hardwire kit which comes with a different monuting bracket. I'm gonna work on installing it on Monday and would like to know and possibly see some pictures of the location where anyone else had mounted a sat radio in their Explorer. Mine is a 2004.....and ideas would be greatly appreciateed....Thnx!!

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I mounted mine on the passenger side sun visor...

After I had mounted my Sirius Stratus 5 in the center console for a few months...I do wish I had bought the Sportser 5 though because I like the bigger display...

I bought a seperate unit because I rent vehicles sometimes and I want to have satellite radio with me...And even though I mounted it on the visor, I bought another dock and I take the radio with me and I'm good...

Running the wires through the visor was the fun part but all are hidden except the aux cable... I am fixing that though with a 90 degree mini-plug harness to tuck it into the fabric of the visor...


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bracketron makes a mount


Mine hangs off the window, because I didn't want to pay the $30 for the mount. :p:

Many installations I see tho use a bracket and have the sat radio mounted above the dash radio bezel. Not sure how to do it on a newer Explorer, as I've seen those mostly on 2nd gens and in Rangers.

Actually I found a place I liked and got it's out of the way and the wires are hidden pretty good. Let me know what you think.


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