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Help..some EGR and TPS issue and high mpg.


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August 17, 2008
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'96 XLT
Hi all and happy new year.

My X runs fine, but the consume of gas is killing me.
City driving about 12mpg (if I converted right), and I got some issues and trouble codes.

I did a read out with my CAN OBDII tool, and got these codes:

I also did a "live stream" read out when the engine got warmed up and got these readings:

- Fuel Sys 1 CL, faulty HO25
- Fuel Sys 2 CL, faulty HO25
- Coolant 85 °C (185F)
- ST FTRM1 (%) -3.9 to 1.5
- LT FTRM1 (%) 5.4 to 6.2
- ST FTRM2 (%) -5.4 to 3.8
- LT FTRM2 (%) 4.6 to 5.4
- Engine RPM 800 - 824
- Ign ADV (deg) 9.5 to 11
- IAT (°C) 13 or 55.4 (F)
- MAF (gM/sec) 4.790 to 4.950
- ABSLT TPS (%) 18 steady at 800RPM, 27 at 2000RPM and 29.4 at 3000RPM (standing still)
- O2S11 0.085 to 0.865 V

After reading the this thread I did a check:
I got 1.68V of my read out on my TPS.

I got a new EGR valve and DPFE sensor I will replace as soon the weather getting a bit warmer here in cold Norway.
I really hope some of you guys/gals could let me know what to do regarding my read outs?
New TPS or simply do the mod?

Thanks a lot in advance.