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Help! Sourcing spare parts for 2005 Sport Trac in UK


April 3, 2014
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2005 Sport Trac XLT
Hello everybody,

After hearing some disquieting noises coming from the front wheel, I resolved myself to take my 2005 Sport Trac XLT to the nearest Ford service center. Their verdict was dreadful: front wheel bearings severely worn, brake discs warped from overheating by the shot bearings, brake pads nearly gone.

Now I am desperately trying to source new front wheel hubs, brake rotors and pads, but can't find any suppliers in the UK apart from a couple of places in Yorkshire that sell no-brand (probably Chinese made) wheel hubs at outrageous prices (about £ 150 each, almost double than the price for better quality ones in the US).

Does anybody knows a way to get around this issue?

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Hi Arturo.c have you tried USAUTOMOTIVE on the net. I have used them a few times exellent service they have a online catalogue or just phone thats what i did.:thumbsup:

Thank you all for your tips. I ended up buying the hubs off eBay from the supplier in Yorkshire, because I needed them fast.

I think has a very large inventory, but their shipping costs are twice the value of the items I needed, and it would have taken too long to get here anyway.

I placed an on-line order to USAUTOMOTIVE for their last two remaining brake rotors for my car, but although the PayPal payment went through something went wrong with it, and now I'll have to wait until Monday to sort it out over the phone.

I sourced the brake pads from a local supplier, so I'm almost good to go.

Always look for usautomotive parts on ebay first. Seem alot cheaper than ordering from them direct.

Upon further inspection I found that the lower ball joints need replacing too, and ordered them on-line at USAUTOMOTIVE. This time the order went fine (maybe because I registered myself on their website).

Now my last remaining issue are the "rotor splash shields", which are both very rusted and look brittle. Their respective part numbers are 4L2Z2K004BA for the right side and 4L2Z2K005BA for the left side. I wonder if these parts are compatible with the ones mounted on the Ford Explorer models sold in the UK until 2003, and thus could be ordered at any Ford parts counter...

Can defo. recommend US Automotive in Bedford. Sadly very expensive but you can get good quality US parts off the shelf with quick delivery.

Sometimes Rock Auto with UK delivery works out cheaper!