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HELP!!! Steering issues


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September 4, 2012
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1994 ford explorer sport
1994 xlt 4 door 4wd
Since I bought it I have had a 3-4 inches of play in the steering wheel and the steering just feels sloppy, as well when I get to 65 mph it starts to shake. Help me is it the inner/outer ball joints?
Thank you

Mine has a bit of play and did have shaking at 65 until I got new tires on a different set of rims. I've had it up past 75 and it's as smooth as can be. Still an issue with slop though but I'll play with that later.

First thing I'd do in your situation is move the front tires back and back tires front. It could be a ball joint too so while you have it jacked up, grab the front tire at 12 and 6 o'clock and push in/out and see if you feel or hear any popping or movement.

Every one I have been in has had a sloppy steering compared to newer vehicles, but your's sounds a little excessive. There is a way to tighten them up, but be aware that if you go too far it can randomly lock up in a turn. This brings up a question I have had for a long time. Is there an easy way to install a 2nd gen or similar steering gear box on these?

Have someone in the drivers seat gently rock the wheel back and forth a little, with the engine running. Then you look for where the play is. Look under the hood at the steering column, especially where it meets the gear box. Also look at the tierods and pitman arm.