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Help! Stock intake does not clear new shroud! Please respond asap

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August 12, 2016
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93 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD
Just installed an electric fan, the shroud does not leave room for the stock intake, is it possible to heat and bend the intake enough to make it fit?

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Possible? Sure. Got a heat gun?

are the coils different material? Can I just push that part up to even with rest of the skinny part?

Looks like the shroud is mounted way too high. You shouldn’t have the gap at the top.

If you can, it may be a better fit to use an aftermarket cold air intake. Heating the OEM inlet enough to bend is possible, but may break or look cheesy...try it, you may be fortunate enough for it to work.

You need to lower the mounting of the fan so it does not stick up so high. However, if there is no room at the bottom of the radiator for the fan to move down, then you will have to find an e- fan that will fit within the confines of the radiator core. Any part of the e-fan that is NOT over the radiator core will cause a loss in cooling efficiency, negating any effects of the addition of the fan.
Get a tape measure, write down the dimensions of your radiator core (part with all the little fins and thin tubes) and then find an e-fan that will fit within that space.

I would also like to say that it looks like you have the "towing package" radiator, just as my 97' does. The "towing package" radiator is HUGE, literally double the capacity of the standard radiator with two rows for engine coolant, and seven plate auto/fluid cooler. If working properly that radiator will cool that v6 even on the hottest days, provided it is working properly and no airflow is being blocked from passing throught it, I say this because the stock belt driven fan is more than capable of also keeping the engine cool. If you are putting in an e-fan because it is running HOT, than you have a problem with the cooling system that needs to be addressed first, before modifying an already tested a proven factory design for moving air across the radiator fins.

I was thinking my radiator seemed bigger than the pictures I have seen of others, I do have the factory tow package. I am not having trouble with overheating, just wanted the fan to not always be spinning.

If you've got a normal or heavy duty fan clutch installed, it will more or less free spin quite often. It still moves enough air to cool but not drag the engine down. The 4.0 fan, radiator and fan clutch options are so good that there is really never a situation that you can't adapt it to. You're not gaining much by using an electric fan.

Ok, I do not have the special tools to install the fan, if just get it on as tight as I can will its spinning finish tightening it?

The factory fan, you mean? Before I had fan clutch tools I would take a long chisel and whack the nut and tighten it that way... with the belt on. Same process for removing it

it looks like that shroud is upside down

You MUST have the shroud covering the entire surface area of the radiator (all fins) otherwise all the air will travel around the radiator instead of through it. Air is same as water and electricity it will always follow the path of least resistance.

Air is like me. Lazy.