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Help...Stuck in 4 wd and can't get it out!


April 2, 2000
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Northeast Iowa
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91 xlt
The other day I locked my 91 explorer into 4x4 and then when I went to take it out it wouldn't come back out. A while back It wouldn't go into lo range either. I also noticed that I don't here the clicking sound from the rear anymore. Anyone know a good troubleshooting procedure? Thanks

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Try disconnecting the battery for about a minute or so, that may help the computer "find" the shift motor's position again.

Check underneath to make sure all the connectors are still attached to the transfer case. IF the battery disconnect doesn't work, and everything is properly plugged in, try hitting the T/F case with a rubber mallet a couple times. May loosen things up. Try this website for more helpful hints... Dead Link Removed

I had the exact same problem with my 93. It turns out that the motor to engage 4x4 was busted which cause me to be stuck in 4 wheel drive. Cost me $500 to have a new one put in.

Thanks for replies, I finally got around to looking at it again. Tried battery disconnect, then pushing reset button on module but didn't help. Then I removed the engage motor and looked that over but that looked as good as new inside. Put it back together hooked the battery back up and pushed reset button a couple more times and what do you know it started to work again. Only problem is i'm not sure what fixed it for sure. Hope it works for awhile anyway.