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Help: Sub Box


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March 3, 2009
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'99 Explorer Sport
OK so my dad got me a Power Acoustik Pw3-15H way cheap from where he works (salvage yard) thing is the car was in a wreck and kinda messed up the box. I want to buy(maybe build, probably not) a sub box for it thing is I want to make sure that I have a box that will really make it sound good. It's going in a 1999 explorer Sport. I need to know dimensions, cubic footage, ported/sealed, etc. porblem is I can't find information on it anywhere. If someone can help it would really be appreciated.

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If you want a box that will make it sound MUST be built. Prefab enclosures suck.
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ok but that still doesn't answer my question of how big of a box i will need

I am reading online that a 15" box should have 5-9 cubic feet, is this true?

*ok sorry for the double post didn't see the edit button, and to lazy to retype/copy and paste

more of a rough idea what do you think, I emailed power acoustik, amybe they can tell me the cubic footage I need)
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how big the box is depends on how much space you can give up.

as much needed for good bass

the subwoofers t/s parameters would help deciding on the enclosure