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HELP!! Swapped '96 XLT trans. into a '98 XLT

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July 5, 2008
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Murrells Inlet, SC
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1998 XLT
I posted previously, but don't know why it's not showing with the other posts in this forum. I've received responses from a few very nice and informative folks, but I've been told Glacier is the expert and I need to locate him. I've already put the '96 trans. into my '98 after being told by a mechanic friend that it would work. It didn't. From some of the responses I've gotten, I might be able to still make the '96 trans. work for my '98 with minimal work. I'm at the point financially that I either have to sell it cheap or find someone who can make it work without having to completely take the transmission out again. Any suggestions? I'm desparate! Glacier, I'm also an aspiring freelance photographer, if that scores me any points with the tranny Guru!

Since you say you can't find your previous thread, here it is:

If in the future you can not find it, bookmark that thread via your browser or check your E-mail as response notifications are sent to your E-mail.

I am going to close this thread because we should be sticking to the same thread if we're dealing with the same issue -- which we of course are in this case.

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