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Help!! Torque Converter removal!?!?


October 29, 2012
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Petoskey, Michigan
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2002 Explorer XLT 4.0
OK ive been trying to change out my 5r55w Trans on my 02 3rd gen explorer for about a week now. i finally have the drive shafts, transfer case, and transmission out but now i cant get the torque converter off. i can feel the nuts on the other side of the flex plate but i can barely squeeze a finger in there, let alone a wrench or ratchet. im only 16 and this is my first vehicle and first time doing a trans swap. :help: Can someone tell me the best way to get the torque converter off?

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I have the 4.0 engine also

I assume the starter is out. (Since it bolts to the trans, it has to be.) Turn the engine over until the nut is lined up with the starter hole.

Normally the converter is pulled and installed with the trans. The converter MUST be seated into the trans before its installed. DO NOT try to install the converter onto the flexplate, then install the trans. It will never seat properly and you will cause damage.

the starter is unbolted, but it won't come off because it is attached to a thin plate that is between the flex plate and engine. so it seems like i cant get the starter off without getting the torque converter and flex plate off first? :scratch:

The starter bolts should just go through the starter, the block plate, then into the trans. It really wouldn't make sense to have to pull all that just to remove the starter, would it. It's just seized in there. Pull harder.

ok, thanks for the help. ill post if i get it off either tonight or tomorrow

wow, i feel like an idiot. I cant believe I didnt just try pulling harder before. it really looked like the starter was attached to that plate. thanks again. oh and when im turning the motor over by turning the flex plate, should i turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise?

clockwise... as viewed from the front of the engine.