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Help! Transmission slipping, 6 CL, 4.0


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December 21, 2008
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Orlando, Florida
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2002 Explorer Eddie Bauer
2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0
6 Cylinder, 4 door, 4 wheel drive
Date of manufacture is 09/01.

The tranny is slipping (only 3rd gear, from what I can tell) and I had the local Ford dealer (in St. Cloud, FL) diagnose it. They charged me $88 to tell me it's slipping and will have to be removed to tell me what's wrong. Should I have gotten error codes (I don't see any on the receipt)? If so, I can call the dealer tomorrow and talk to the Service Rep.

I was told it's either the 5R55W or 5R55S. Is the tranny type on a placard on the vehicle somewhere?

In Automatic, it slips around 20-40 MPH, but if I shift manually, all seems okay in reverse, first and second gear.

I went to (2) local junk yards.

$350 labor
$50 tranny oil cooler
$850 transmission (if Jan-Feb 02)
$725 transmission (if mar-dec)

(But mine is built in 09/01, so I don't know the tranny cost. I'll call Monday.)
If I say 'go', he would have it back to me in 1 week.

90 days, parts/labor warranty
$850-$1200 for a 5R55W (used)
$750-$1100 for a 5R55S (used)
$620 Labor (fluids included)


Rebuild mine
$1600 (including fluids, torque converter)

1 year, 12,000 mile warranty

A friend of mine said if it's working in 1st, 2nd, reverse, etc. and only slipping in 1 gear, it may be a controller - or something. Sorry, I'm not a mechanic. Is this possible?

Any suggestions? Please help. I'm going to need to decide how to fix this quickly.


I had a friend tell me to change the spark plug wires. That's why it may be slipping. Is this possible???

FYI - the wires are the original wires! 133k miles... :rolleyes:

anyone help me?

Some of these have issues do a search but if it was mine I would start with a tranny fluid and filter change. its the cheap and easy thing to start with if that does not work your not out much