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Help- V8 Conversion question

Here is what I am facing in my V8 conversion:
The V8 engine and engine wiring harness I will be getting is from a 1992 EFI 5.0L H.O. The tranny I will be using is a 1986 AOD automatic. Will I run in to problems when trying to hook up a 1986 tranny that is not computer controlled to a 1992 EFI wiring harness? Are the AOD trannys that came in 1992 computer Controlled??? Is there a computer controlled torque converter lock-up connection in the 1992 wiring harness, if so, how do I make this work with a 86 AOD??

Thanks for your input.

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Should not be a problem. I'm doing the same thing.
The computer just send signals on RPM and tells the tranny when to shift. If you have a "Non-Computer" tranny leave the computer connections off, it want care.

Good luck and enjoy.

I dont think any of the AOD were computer controlled. From what I under stand in the Repair Manual for our 95 Mustang the transmission was not computer controlled till 1996 when ford went to the 4.6L V-8.

There was or AOD-E. The tranny shop asked me if this was what I wanted, but I said no. I need to check it may be mentioned in my Advance Adapters catalog. I'll double check when I get back in town. I do know that the later model 4.6 mustangs used a non AOD tranny, but thought the 94 & 95 used the hybrid AODE?

this is the Reason I want a Manual Tranny. :rolleyes:

What type of combination engine and tranny are you using? just interested.

Gofasts combo

I'm using a 93 302, bored .30 over built for torque. I have a custom built AOD backing it up.

The only wiring I have is for Nuetral Safty Switch and revers lights. I runs through a small harness from the tranny to main harness.

Everything else works manually on this set-up. 1st and 2nd gear lock up the torque converter so very little heat is generated. 4th gear is 33% overdrive so I will tach about 2100 RPM at 70 Mph with 5.13 gears and 35" tires.

Have fun!

the aod-e came out in 87 on the crown vics but not the trucks and stangs and only controlled lockup instead of a vacum line. there was an xod-e that was fully controlled by the computer but im not sure what models they were in. i think that is what they use with the 4.6 in all the cars