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Help - V8 Conversion question

Here is what I am facing in my V8 conversion:
The V8 engine and engine wiring harness I will be getting is from a 1992 EFI 5.0L H.O. The tranny I will be using is a 1986 AOD automatic. Will I run in to problems when trying to hook up a 1986 tranny that is not computer controlled to a 1992 EFI wiring harness? Are the AOD trannys that came in 1992 computer Controlled??? Is there a computer controlled torque converter lock-up connection in the 1992 wiring harness, if so, how do I make this work with a 86 AOD??

Thanks for your input.

I can't answer all of your questions but I run a C4 from the 70-80s and I run a computer that is from a '92 5-speed vehicle. If the original computer is from an auto vehicle I believe there would be a problem.

Try to get a manual computer and wiring harness and get a early version of the AOD, they should work together.

Sorry I can't be more specific, I am only a backyard mechanic.

Oh ya, there is a guy called "Nightrider", somewhere on this site, know about AODs. Look under the "Modified" forum I think he is in there a lot, check out the older threads.

Good Luck, the AOD and the 5.0L should work well together.