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HELP!! Vibration in wheel??


July 17, 2014
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Vancouver, WA
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1995 ford ranger XLT 4WD
ok so does not matter if moving or not I get a vibration coming through my steering wheel also can feel it through my feet no ABS light on dash at all all brake pad replaced, front rotors replaced, bugging the hell out of me I cannot find this vibration, I can be doing 50 MPH or 0 MPH and it does it at all times cold or warm or hot, NO steering issues no travel issues, (crab walk or bull dog walking) ONLY issue is that my speed control (cruise control) stooped working and I have been busting my balls :eek: over that too.....
no issues with speedometer no rough idles no other issues except stated......???

I can feel it vibrate the whole truck

ANYBODY else have/had this happening??

1995 Ford Ranger 4.0 Automatic 4X4 all wheel ABS

things I have done

replaced all pads
replaced ABS sensors in front
replace rotors and calipers
changed out sending unit top of brake cylinder (under hood)
bleed all brake cylinders with new dot brake fluid
front alignment
new tires (31x10.5x15)
replaced VSS

I am thinking ABS unit under the hood?? but brake pedal is fine no issues braking... no codes on dash no check brakes or check ABS....

I am running out of shotgun shells.....

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If you can feel it through your steering wheel even when you are not moving, I suspect the power steering may be the source of the vibration. That is unless you have something contacting the steering shaft that could be transferring the vibration.

If you can feel it through the whole truck, the vibration may have nothing to do with the steering wheel. It could be more susceptible to the vibration at the steering wheel due to a resonance.

No issues with steering
No sticky spots
No hard spots
No burnt fluids

Have a hard time pointing the shotgun towards steering issue??
Its more of a viration than it is a shaking issue

Thanks for the reply


Can you fill the shaking in the seat or just the steering wheel ??
Could be a warped brake drum.

When the wheels are turned with the engine OFF it's very common to get air in the steering system. This very likely happened
when doing the front end work. To purge the air, drive slowly turning lock to lock repeatedly and see if the shudder subsides.

ill give the steering lock to lock to see if helps,

possible air ?? in steering but i never had the power steering fluid exposed to air or leakage...

just brake fluids and i bleed the system

also it does not need to be moving to have the issue happen