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Help w/ Drivers Window


03 EB 4x4 4.6l making it thru in NC
August 1, 2007
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Albemarle NC
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Albemarle NC
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'03 Eddie Bauer 4.6L 4x4
I'm having a problem with the drivers window on my '94 XLT =its not working. I have disconnected the motor and plugged into another door and it works. I have continuity at switch when up or down is pressed on the rocker switch. Went to pull a part and got another switch but no change and it tested the same for continuity. All the other windows work from the master panel and I initially tried a brand new motor but it wouldn't run either.

The window will slide up and down manually in its track so its not binding anywhere. Not that makes a difference since the motor won't run whether bolted in place or not.

Its probably complete coincidence but the window quit about 10 minutes after I got rear ended at a stop light. No damage on my side, the tow hitch/ball took the impact but left a serious indentation on the other persons bumper. It was a teeth rattling impact, nonetheless.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Cut/broken wire between switch and motor.

Broken or shorted wires in the rubber between the door and the body. Very common on 1st and 2nd gen

I appreciate the answer but I don't quite grasp that solution. All the other windows operate correctly from the master panel, door locks and window lockout operate as well. My usually trusty Haynes manual shows the incorrect coloring of wires connecting to the left front but it also indicates there is a Solid State unit that controls the one touch roll down option. Could that be a problem component and any one know where its located? Those wires apparently run thru the door to the body but help locating it would let me assess a continuity problem. Thanks for any help I can get on this.

The one-touch module is inside the door. little black box about 1" x 3"

This is the problem spot 1992ex was talking about.

The wires fatigue from repeated opening and closing the door.


thats the rubber boot i was talking about very common has happened to both of my ex

Turns out that the one touch module should be connected for the drivers window to work. Capt. Dumbass here didn't do that. Now that its connected drivers window works meaning the new switch fixed it. Thanks for everyones help.