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Help with '01 Transfer Case ID (have info)


December 31, 2009
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Sacramento, CA
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'01 XLT
Hey there folks-

The transfer case I have on my '01 XLT just went kablooey. I've been calling some salvage yards to get pricing for a swap out TC, but I've had two replies so far that say my ID numbers don't make sense.

In crawling underneath and checking the metal tag, there are 4 sets of numbers, as posted below


My VIN is- 1FMZU73EX1ZA22298

It seems that the YL24-11 number is what's throwing people, but I'm not blind (older as I am), just yet! That's what's etched, and I don't see anything wrong with the tag (meaning, not busted or disfigured). The only thing I can think of, is that the "11" could mean the first letter of the alphabet (AA)? I know I've seen that part number- YL24-AA.

Am I off base here? Is there another way of figuring out how to get the right TC for my vehicle?

Thanks in advance folks!
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AFAIK there were only 2 TC's offered that year. The 4404 AWD and the 4405 ControlTrac.

Confused what other info a junkyard would need.

Any 4405 from 99 to 01 will work. Before 99 there is an extra sensor in the case. Yours is in the rear diff. In a pinch you could use a 98 and not use the sensor. I searched those #'s and they come up as 00-01 4405 transfer case. Those last number usually denote build date and year application.
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Thanks Albi

I appreciate the info. I found a 4405 on eBay with only 59K on it, from a yard in Spokane (385.00, incl'd shipping). Called them, they sound like a very upfront and honest group (if I install it and it works great, I'll pass on their info).

Had it shipped to Sacramento and just got it in today. I'm going to swap out with a buddy. One thing I forgot to ask- what fluid do I need to pick up for it? Tranny, oil, something else?

Thanks everyone!
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Ah- found it in one of ExplorerDMB's threads. Looks like Dexron Mercon III ATF. One additional question if you folks dont mind taking a gander at. Not having any idea what was run in this TC, is it beneficial to go with a synthetic in any case, does it matter if it was run in regular dexron for it's 59K life? People mentioned in Drew's thread-


synthetic mercon V, etc. I'm not sure if it even matters, but any advice is appreciated.