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Help with a flip down screen!!

Mac Xlt

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August 11, 2004
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98 xlt
I am new here and just bought a 98 xlt. I already installed my old stereo in it. I have a Kenwood 911 dvd with a flip out 7' screen as well as infiniti component speakers throughout the inside. I also have a ppi amp and aline type r 12' subs. It sounds great but I want to add a flip down screen for the back. Does anybody have any idea on how to do it I have a sunroof so I was thinkin of mounting it behind that. Can I just run a video and power feed to the brain of my dvd or what any help would be great thanks this is my first post wow I am a newbie. :thumbsup:

Your brain should have a video out (yellow RCA) and if your flip-down has integrated speakers there should be a red/white RCA lead that will plug in to the brain as well on an Aux or Audio Out. I don;t think your Kenwood has Dual-ZOne so it shoudl be pretty straightforward. Make sure to get some pics!