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Help with a front end noise


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August 1, 2012
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1998 explorer 4dr ohv

I recently replaced the lower and upper control arms, sway bar links, shock absorber. Now there is a noise coming from the front end. It could have always been there since it was very squeaky before due to worn bushings. The shock absorbers are from my 98 explorer (the car in question is an 02 sport). They have about a 1000 miles on them. I know the part number is different between the two years but I think its just a weight difference. I will be replacing these once I get paid. I did have it aligned as well, didnt help the noise issue. Any one have any thoughts on what it can be?. It only happens when I hit bumps and it comes from the passenger side. I did check and fix two loose heat shields (different noise). The vehicle is an 02 sport.


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Well can you describe the noise?

Swaybar endlinks. Check that there is 4 rubber bushings per link and they aren't split.

If they are stock links, look for what seems like a loose bolt on top of the link. Grab them and try to move them. you should not be able to budge them.

Without a description of the noise it's impossible for us to know what it might be. If it's a thumping/knocking noise it could be that you need to tighten you new sway bar link bolts or the top shock nuts a bit more.

Sorry I thought I did describe it... long day. Its a clattering noise kinda like metal on metal or a coffee can full of metal. The sway bar links are good.

When you release the brakes, the brake pads free float and may rattle on bumps. speaking of that, you might double check the caliper and caliper bracket bolts.

hmm I like that suggestion. I did replace the rotors and pads with the same but new rotor and pads I used on my older explorer. I did use the correct part numbers and all. However just like the old ex the pads didnt fit with the metal shims that are supplied with the kit so I did what I did with the old ex and left them out. Maybe i'll give it another go getting those shims in once this heat wave passes.

Seriously, you might have mentioned that earlier.

Never had that issue before.