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August 1, 2012
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1998 explorer 4dr ohv
So here it goes again! I was diagnosing a shake at 65 mph, turns out it was coned tires since i never got an alignment after doing tie rods a couple years ago. Figured this out by doing a rotation backs to front. Rides nice and smooth now (as smooth as mudders will allow atleast). Doing this also got rid of a tone of noise which has allowed me to hear other noises... The noise this thread is about became noticeable or was caused during the tire rotation. Its definitely (i think) a rotational noise of metal on metal that im pretty sure is coming from the rear of the car (passenger door back). Also it seems to show up between 15 mph to 30 mph (i cant hear to good but it may be present at higher speeds but if it is its very low). Did find a loose heat shield but it didnt change the noise when i removed it. Thought it might be the wheel bearings which one was leaking so i did them and the axle with no change in the sound. Tonight I will be removing the ebrake assembly (which dont work and need rebuilt anyway) to see if there is rubbing in there. My cousin thinks its U joints. Thats my next best guess.

Anyone have any suggestions, I know noises are hard to diagnose and harder to describe but thanks for the help in advanced!