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Help with blower motor relay


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October 16, 2005
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Upland, CA
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1993 Explorer Sport
Hi guys, Ive got a problem with my 93 sport. It keeps melting blower motor relays and im totally stumped as to whats causing it. Ive been putting generic autozone relays in it and it kept melting them so I went and got a relay from ford and it melted that too. Its got a brand new blower motor in it as well so im kind of lost as to where the issue is with this thing. Any ideas?


Its the left relay and the only pin that its burning is that bottom one, and im assuming thats the power pin. Even the new one I threw in there gets so got that it will burn you if you touch it after the blower has been on for a while.

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Blower motor resister may be bad causing it. Not sure. Cheap enough to replace that.

I'd like to hear more history. Did you replace the blower motor in trying to solve this? Also, can you provide part number/specs on the relays you are having trouble with? These relays are rated for different carrying capacities but look identical to each other. If your relay were under-rated, that would do this.

it doesnt look like the relay that is burning up ,it looks like the harness is shorting out,just throwing new relays into the shorted harness wont fix it

also there should only be one relay.what do you mean its the left relay?you have a better pic?all blower motor relay should be rated for atleast 50 amps

I guess I was just stating the obvious when I said it was the left relay. The one on the right is the AC wot relay. The ones I was throwing in from autozone were like 8 bucks a piece and just their generic parts brand. Im assuming they were the correct ones as they were looked up in the computer under the blower motor relay part number. The one I have in there right now is from ford and looks a little more robust. Just to eliminate the chance of a loose contact on that bottom pin, I put a slight twist in the pin and put the relay back in. I guess time will tell. Right before I threw in the new ford relay I stole the relay from the ABS control and threw it into the blower motor spot and it started to blacken the plastic around that pin, probably because it was rated too low. And to answer roadrunners question, yea I threw in the new blower motor to try and solve it because I was able to get it for a really good price.

Blower Motor

My '93 EB has burned wires at the plug behind the a/c, heater control panel. It has a lot of wires together and I guess they rubbed enough to short out, after burning up a lot of stuff. Just pull the whole ash tray assembly to get up in there and have a look see. As was mentioned previously, the blower resistor is easy access and a cheap part. Good Luck.

Sounds like a short somewhere. Do what wireman suggests and check out all of the wires.

I wanted to update this saying that the problem is seemingly fixed. I dont know if its because I spent the cash and bought the nice ford relay, or the fact that I put a slight bend in the bottom pin so it would bite the socket a little better, but it hasnt burned or even made a mark on the new relay :thumbsup: