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Help with double-din dash kit


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December 8, 2013
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2001 Sport Trac 4WD
Installed a Kenwood ddx372bt double-din touch screen a while ago, and I still can't find, or make, an install kit/surround plate to fit around the head unit and hold it in place. On a 2001 Sport Trac, which I had to use a dremel to cut material out of the radio bezel to get a double-din to slide in.
Got one of the more popular install kits, metra I believe, that fits in the explorer radio bezel nicely but will not fit around this head unit no matter how much material I remove from it, even after cutting it up into 2 very small plastic "spacers" just to fit on the sides.
Unless there is a specific "ultra thin" kit for this explorer radio bezel, I am searching for an aftermarket bezel, a modified one, or someone who can modify mine so it will accept any one of the double-din install kits, or at least have something to hold the unit in place so it won't move.
OR, to save money, I will be looking for some kind of "form fitting" material/product that I can use to help fill in the gaps between the bezel and head unit. Any ideas please let me know, I'm tired of looking at my incomplete dash!

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What vehicle did you put it into? Another Explorer?

This is all on the same explorer. Looks like that Metra 3 peice kit is all I need

Yep, the Metra kit is the one.


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Nice radio Chef.

Thanks. Its a Kenwood DPX500BT. Nothing real special, no touchscreen or nav, single CD. But it does have Bluetooth and USB in. Cool thing is that you can select a zillion colors for the display so I matched it to the green of the other dash lights. With the Metra wiring and dash kit, she went in pretty easily. Changed out the 4 door speakers and the sub also.