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Help with forgotten hose locations?


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November 6, 2006
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1999 Mountaineer
I pulled my 99 Mountaineer 5.0 apart a couple weeks ago to replace the lifters and forgot where a few hoses go.....

The hoses im trying to figure out where they go are the 2 hoses from the EGR tube.


The hard plastic emissions lines, looks like there are a couple from the same black boot connecter near the egr, the egr valve itself, looks like one from the passenger side fuel rail. These tubes were origianlly red, white, green, etc.. but were brittle and broke so I replaced them with black hard emission tubing but have no idea where these connectors go..

Any help is appreciated esp with the little hard emissions hose.


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The red/white double connector/joiner plugs into the tube under the intake, red goes to the fuel pressure regulator, green to the egr, green/white double connector/joiner plugs into to the breather behind the egr.

You will need at least one joiner because the port under the intake needs to have 2 hoses connected to it...

You can actually see most of them in the pic from your DPFE thread... The red plugs into the silver FPR. Can't see the EGR in this pic though, but that's where the single green goes.


Perfect Answer

Perfect answer, I wanted to confirm the locations and wasnt 100% on the red.

Thank you very much.

You're welcome... :)

Where do the two small lines go that are on the heater water supply lines go? They are on the pass side of engine and in front of the throttle body. I did not remove them so I don't know where they were at. They are very small and have water in them...Yes it is a 2000 Explorer with the 5.0V8 Also looking for and EFI swap wiring diagrams.

They are the 2 hoses seen coming out of the intake on the left of the picture towards the throttle body.

When in the truck, one hose is above the other on the intake. The hose on "top" goes to the fitting most towards the rear of the steel heater return hose.

Pic: 2 hoses going into the intake as seen coming from lower left to center (part numbers visible)


Pic: top hose from the last pic goes to the port to the right in this pic (rear of engine on right)