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Help with front engine noise


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December 9, 2011
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2008 Explorer limited v8
Well i thought i had it figured out as bad tensioner seeing as i could push on the belt and move the tensioner with almost no pressure. Replaced that and still have clicking noise from front of engine. I listened to water pump condensor alt and pulleys. no obvious source of the noise. It sounds like the fans are loose but the bolts were tight. So i guess water pump should be next on the list? no chripping or squeaking and balancer looks smooth (no wobble) when i look at it. Any other ideas before i start treating it like the dealership and just throw parts at it? Ive had no issues with it for the last 4 years cept tires, brakes and fluid flushes/changes. No loss of power or any odd smells. Any ideas are appreciated.

what happens when water pump goes bye bye?
what happens when ac compressor goess bye bye?
this is my only ride to work and what not i'd rather not blow up to or from work (or anywhere if possible)

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Take the belt off and run the engine to see if teh noise is ther or not. If the noise goes away when teh belt is off then it is something with the belt, tensioner, idler pullys, WP, ALT, or AC compressor. If the noise is still there it could be coming from the timing chain or tensioner.

well got it looked at from the dealership. They took off the belt still had noise in the engine. :( they quoted me 1400 to change out timing chain tensioner guides and such and water pump . however the mech stated that he had never heard on so bad. (a lil dramatic i think) and that it might still need an engine after they do that. The most rattle is at 1200 rpm. They changed the oil and put a Ford filter on it and the 5-20 oil in saying that it might be gummed up a bit from the 10-40 that had been put it in before.(needed oil changed anyway) My ? is do i waste 1400 and not know 100% that it will fix it or wait and see if oil change helps or by another vehicle before it blows up? Any help would be appreciated.

Get a repair quote for somewhere else. They may just covering their *****. As, without tearing apart the front cover to actually inspect they cannot be 100% sure of the diagnosis. Also, the water pump does not have to come off to take the timing chains apart, i believe. There is thread on here somewhere with a ton of pics of the timing chains and I think the WP is still on.

The water pump was my add to it figured better to pay the 120 now than 400 later the local ford dealership is a bunch of crook they quoted 2400-3000 min without even looking it. would the oil cause an issue with gumming up?

Not 100% sure of the consequences of running thicker oil than the engine was designed for.

Im not sure either i am hoping that it helps highly unlikely though. I never thought 10-40 would cause an issue. My guess is that the guide or tensioner has either gone bad or going bad but wether to spend the 1400 to replace the parts and not know if it is gonna fix the noise has become my dilema. Unfortunately buying another vehicle is outta the question.(too bad i found a nice 2008 for 12k) Im am just gonna hve to baby her till i can find a ford motor shop (not dealer) or can get a new truck. From what i have found in my searches is this engine is well known by many mustang guys and they may have a better idea on fixing. Or know where i can get a new motor. :( how hard is it to remove the valve cover without removing half the front of the engine so i can see if it may be the timing chain or guides?

Anybody in the denver area know of a good shop that i could possible take it too?

I trust the dealership i go to (not ford) but it is still a dealership and they watch their bottom line more than a smaller shop of mechanics.