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Help with identifying parts on my 1995 transfer case


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August 23, 2011
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Grand Rapids, MI
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1995 XLT. Stock.
I’m having that flashing 4x4 issue. I had a rebuild on the transmission and case. The auto 4x4 on my Control Trac XLT will not engage on the fly. I have to stop while in drive or neutral or park for the light to come on it does click I posted about this the other day but to day I took a couple pictures. One is I think the speed sensor on tcase that is zip tied and the other may be a breather tube or vacuum ? It’s coming out of the anterior of the tcase about an inch then bends downward. Is it supposed to be attached to something else ?
I have an innova 3140 for OBD1 codes. I don’t have any other than DPFE related stuff. No ABS lights. No check engine light. thanks



The upper photo is the VSS (vehicle speed sensor), lower photo as you said is the vent. One thing I would recommend is replacing that vent with a rubber hose a couple feet long with a vented end fitting on it, and route it up higher. I believe on my '97 it ends near the left upper control arm.
Now this is just speculation, but the cable ties on the VSS looks suspicious, like a bodge job of some sort. But maybe it's supposed to be that way.

Thank you !
I saw a video of a guy replacing his and he broke the retaining clips. That was his fix with the zip ties. I know the tube your talking about I have one up toward the front - little
White vent plug thingy ? I’ll go get one at the yard.